A name that resonates through the blood of two singers, my parents, Parul and Manish Kapadia, named me Soor.

Music was probably what I learnt to appreciate even before I began talking, and from a young age I started learning Hindustani classical music. And along the way, I took an interest in composing music, taking inspiration from the late music composer, Madan Mohanji, which began as a hobby, and with the encouragement I received from people hearing my music, I began channeling my creative juices towards composing, even going on to win the Lt. Smt. Anjali Khandwalla Re-composition Competition. 

I did not stop singing though, and completed my Sangeet Visharad and Sangeet Alankar along with Bachelors in Computer Applications and a Diploma in Multimedia. Like my music, even my singing has won me many prizes like the Pt. Omkarnath Classical Singing Competition, Radio City Super Singer.

I can sing in a variety of languages such as Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, Arabic and Italian. As it goes for many singers and musicians, I play multiple musical instruments, like the guitar, the piano, and the flute, to name a few.
My parents have been my idols, their hard work and perseverance in the field of music has only taught me that music can be food for the soul, a way of worship and a way of life. They founded the Soor-Sohni Sangeet Academy, and with their encouragement, I am now a part of the academy.


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