Losing a friend

We are all on our own journeys through life. It is fate that decides when and how our path meets with someone. People move in and out of our lives, and it is not necessary or possible to remember all of them, but there are a special few, who we miss, even though they never truly leave our side. We chanced to meet at the gym one day, and looking at him, it didn’t seem he came there often. Right below our gym, there was a well strategically placed Domino’s, and I caught him coming out of there with a take away order, and he smiled shyly. We randomly got to talking as he was waiting for a cab, not knowing this would be the start of a lifetime of friendship. He wasn’t a local, but studying here, living alone, away from his family and we came to talk regularly and found out we had quite a lot in common, and we began working on joint projects. Four years later and we became inseparable. Then, he graduated. This meant he would now have to pack his bags and move back home. He was excited, no more hostel, no more mess food; I knew he’d been dreaming of this day. But for me, this meant I would be losing my best friend. I was in pain, seeing him go. We would speak to each other every day after he moved home. He got a job, made new friends, was drowning himself in work, and we were running out of topics. I felt myself fade away little by little from his life, until the phone calls stopped, and the messages were merely words. And then we ran out of words and the egos set in. I cried, every night, as I put myself to sleep. I felt lost in a world we had created. A month passed, two, six, did he not remember me at all? I learnt to pick myself up every morning, mask my expressions until I was back into the darkness, where it was safe to cry alone. Then on my birthday last year, I received a call. It was him! His number hadn’t changed, his name flashed on my screen. It had been so long; my hands trembled, my heart raced, as I picked up the phone, “Happy Birthday!” screamed the voice coming from the other end, excitedly. I was lost for words, I wanted to cry but controlled myself, I wanted to be angry, but there was something about the call, which had suddenly melted away all the pain and ego. It felt as if not a day had passed, like he had never been away. “Thank you,” I finally replied.

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