Pyaar ki Rahein

I have always been interested in making short films, but there was a time a few years back when my obsession of making films was at an all-time high, and little by little I had managed to bring together a team comprising of everyone from writer to editor and had bought a lot of shooting equipment. I had also started my own channel and fashioned it a new name “Brain Brothers.” It was at this point of time that I directed a short film called “Pyaar ki Rahein.” Conceptually it was appealing, it took us 2 days of planning with different teams coming in morning and evening to discuss locations, and costumes. The music was made, screenplay written, and we were all set for the big day. Our first scene was to be shot at the Ahmedabad Riverfront, where technically you are not allowed to shoot with camera equipment without a permit. We still managed to shoot quite a bit before being chased away by the guard. It took us another two days to shoot all the scenes, and that was only the first part. Now came our editing team, who began stitching the movie together, but as this progressed, there was something I realized that I did not want to say, but when the movie was complete, I had to admit. The movie was a disaster! It was too late now. I felt a mixture of exhaustion and guilt of letting my whole team down. I didn’t know how to break it to them that I was too ashamed to even publish this film on Youtube. We kept a screening of the film at my home, and when the movie was over, everyone was silent, if not laughing. I think they had all realized the point. And as a unanimous decision, the film now only remains stored as a copy on my computer.

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