The Blue Notebook

It is a rather simple blue Classmate notebook; honestly I hadn’t even bought it myself. I was in college when during a lecture, I was passing notes with one of my friends on the last page of his book, and just as we were going to be caught, I slipped it into my bag. It remained there for quite some time, and eventually found its way into the depths of my wardrobe, forgotten. Years passed, and I was rummaging through my stuff, when the note book fell out, like it wanted to be found. I flipped through the now dusty pages, and came upon the little ‘chat’ on the last page of the book, bringing a smile to my face. One night, just as I was going to sleep, a sudden idea for a song came into my head. Half asleep and not wanting to forget the idea, I scrambled in the darkness and wrote in the light of my mobile phone on the first thing I found, this notebook. This was the beginning of my journey of using this particular blue book. Over time, it is now filled with various lyrics that I have randomly written, songs I rehearsed, musical notes to my original songs, ideas, scripts and even rough storyboards for my short film endeavors. This book has become a reminder for me, that no idea is too small, and that not all your plans go through as expected, but in the end it taught me to never stop dreaming.

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