Madan Mohan : The Immortal

The year 2004, I return home from school, and as we all do, crash on the couch in front of the TV, but what caught my senses was a mesmerizing piano piece being played in the background of a movie promo of VeerZaara, with the name of “The Late Madan Mohan” as music composer. This made 12 year old me wonder why the word “Late” was written in front of the composer’s name. The name sounded new to me, so did he die before the release? Or was this his last film? If so, did he make music before this? Why hadn’t I heard anything from him before this? So the next logical step was to Google this man, and what I found shocked me. Music composer Madan Mohan had died way back in 1975! And I had been listening to his classic songs, without even knowing his name. My further research revealed that new lyrics had been written on compositions that were made more than half a century ago and released for this film in 2004. This made me realize that music is timeless. And that was the very moment I decided I wanted to be a composer, just like him, immortal.

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