The Pizza Place

What happens when your favorite restaurant closes down forever?

It’s a betrayal. The heart aches. And nothing you eat can satisfy your taste buds.

Little Italian, an all you can eat pizza place, where the Wi-Fi connected automatically to my phone, and the server always knew what I wanted to order. It was a place where we celebrated, held meetings and auditions, and even shot a short film there.

A friend of mine had come from Delhi and we planned to meet up for lunch. Obviously I planned to take him there. I pick him up from his hotel and we drive through the city as I describe to him the food. We reach there to find that the restaurant is closed.

It was odd. The watchman recognizes me, “Saab, this restaurant has been closed.”

“When will it open?” I ask hopefully.

“Nahi Saab, it has been closed forever.”

My heart sank. My friend could not understand the rush of emotions I was going through at that moment. But we had to eventually settle for Mughlai.

It was in the coming weeks that my best friend and I began a search for a better pizza place. With Zomato at our disposal, we began checking out every restaurant that claimed to serve pizza. From one bad pizza after another, an accident on the highway, and increasing body fat levels, we came to the conclusion that we would never be able to find our love for pizza ever again.

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