The Other Side of Park Avenue

This is the 2nd part to my blogpost “25, Park Avenue” To read the 1st part, follow the link

My friend didn’t stop there. He refused to believe he had been catfished. He persuaded me the next morning to go back to find number 25 at Park Avenue Apartments. We did, and like the previous night, we did not find it. We even looked around other buildings that might have a similar name, but to no luck. A few days later, after he was a little over the shock of these events, I asked him if he remembered any details of this girl. He gave me bits and pieces of information, nothing significant. But he did show me a picture she had sent him. This picture was saved on my desktop, and it was just randomly forgotten. Until a few weeks later, enter Sherlock Holmes, a close friend of mine, tall, ruffled hair, and as crazy and deductive as the real Sherlock, which earned him his name. He notices this picture, and opens it playfully to tease me and I explain everything to him. He takes one close look at the picture, and calmly says, “She’s from Dubai.” “How can you tell?” I ask, trying to remain calm. “Well, there is a road sign board in the background, which she tried to blur out, and it reads ‘Dubai’ in Arabic.” “But she could’ve been there for a vacation,” I try countering him. “Yes, but her bag also has a pin, with the school emblem, and that too is in Arabic.” In what my mother would not have been proud, we got to searching for girls from her school on facebook. From one profile to the other, and after a few trials, we found her! The name she had given my friend was different, but all the photos she had shared with my friend were present on her profile. We also found out looking at her check-ins and photos, that she had not once visited our city. I send my friend this profile, he sends her a friend request, and she instantly accepts it. Confirming it was someone else who had used this girl’s photos to catfish. We ask him to talk to her, and it takes him a lot of encouragement, to finally message her on facebook, “Hi,” he writes. And then we wait for her to reply, checking every few minutes that day, and then every hour the next day, and eventually the frequency reduced, with the probability of her ever sending him a reply.

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